About Us

Welcome to Connect Phone AE, one of the most dynamic, productive, and reliable companies in the wholesale and promotion of telecommunications products and services in Greece. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Athens, we’ve been on a steady trajectory of growth and success ever since.

With branches in various cities such as:

we offer a wide range of services from product promotion to electronic top-up services and the distribution of telecommunications products.

Driven By

Customer-centric philosophy



Adaptation to market conditions

We’ve implemented successful product promotion campaigns throughout Greece. Leveraging our well-trained staff and nationwide presence, we also offer identification services, electronic airtime renewal, and the distribution of telecommunication products to small retail outlets.

We are proud to be the largest distributor of eSIMs in Greece, leading the way in this innovative field. Connect Phone AE is also ISO 27001 certified, affirming our commitment to information and data management and security.

Trust Connect Phone AE to be your reliable partner in telecommunications solutions.