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General Terms

The use of this site (ordering products, using services, navigation, etc.) indicates agreement with the Legal Terms of Use, which we ask you to read carefully before using it. For this reason, the primary concern of the legal owners and managers of connectphone.gr is the citation of the following terms and other help pages, which govern its rights and obligations to all of you who will visit its websites, and whose purpose is informing you of your rights and obligations and providing you with the best service in searching for and obtaining the products you wish to purchase from his store.

Intellectual Property

Any material, trademark or other content of this site constitutes property and is subject to the relevant legislation on the protection of intellectual property. It is protected by the legal and copyright rights of connectphone.gr and by third parties who have provided the company with the above materials to promote the products. It is prohibited to reproduce the content of this site (all or part of it) for personal use, exploit / remove / convert / copy / rent / lend / publicize and display it and for any reason by third parties, without the relevant permission from connectphone.gr or of the third parties who have provided the above materials to promote the products.

connectphone.gr does not have the right to sell the license of those materials, which it has legally obtained from third parties for the promotion of their respective products.

The contents of the site are used only as purchasing information for the prospective buyer. Material from this site may not be sold, distributed or used in any way for profit-making purposes but also for purposes that affect the interests of the company (production of logos, child pornography, exploitation, dishonest profit, insulting public opinion, etc.) .) and prohibited by law.

No part of this site may be viewed permanently or periodically from any other server (web server).

Any falsification or violation of the above terms, competent for the application of the law will be the Greek courts.

Information from Children

We recommend that children and young people under the age of 16 obtain their parents’ permission before submitting personal information to the connectphone.gr website.

Links to other sites

The links found on connectphone.gr may take you outside its network. In this case, connectphone.gr does not accept any responsibility for the content, accuracy, operation, as well as for any subsequent changes to these sites.

Privacy Policy & GDPR compliance


The use of the online pages and services provided to the visitor/user by the connectphone.gr website, hereinafter “the company”, presupposes your unreserved agreement with the Privacy Policy on Personal Data Protection of this website. Therefore, the visitor/user must carefully read the contents of this page before using the services of our website. If you do not agree, you should leave it and NOT make any use of its services and content.
This privacy policy may change from time to time in accordance with legislation or industry developments. We will not expressly notify our customers or website users of these changes. Instead, we encourage you to periodically check this page for any changes to this privacy policy. Continuing to use the connectphone.gr website even after any changes to the Privacy Policy means your unconditional acceptance of these terms.

We collect and process your personal data only when absolutely necessary.
We will never sell, rent, distribute, or otherwise make public your personal information.
If you are under 16 years of age, you MUST have your parents’ consent before using the services of this website.

Relevant legislation
Along with our company’s internal IT systems, this website has been designed to comply with the following laws/regulations regarding the protection of users’ personal data:

EU Data Protection Directive 1995 (DPD)
EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018
Personal information this website collects and why we collect it
This website collects and uses personal information for the following reasons:

Website traffic monitoring
Like most websites, this one uses Google Analytics (GA) to track user activity. We use this data to determine the number of people using our website, to better understand how they find and use our websites, and to see their journey through the website. Although GA records data such as your geographic location, device, web browser and operating system, none of this information makes you personally identifiable to us. GA also records your computer’s IP address, which could be used to identify you, but Google does not give us access to this. We consider Google to be a third party data processor which is compatible with the requirements of European legislation.

Our company, in order to be able to provide the best possible quality of service to the consumer, uses the Skroutz Analytics service. Through this service, anonymous usage statistics are shared with Skroutz.gr, while the data obtained through this service is covered by Skroutz.gr’s privacy policy, which you can find at https://www.skroutz.gr/privacy.

Contact forms and email links
In the event that you choose to contact us using a contact form or a link in our email, none of the data you provide will be stored by this website or transferred to or processed by any third party data processor as defined below under “Our Third Party Data Processors”. Instead, this data will be sent to us in an email message via SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Our SMTP servers are protected by TLS (sometimes known as SSL) security protocol, which means that email content is encrypted before it is sent over the internet. Email content is decrypted by our local computers and devices.

Electronic newsletter
If you choose to participate in our email newsletter, the email address you submit to us will be forwarded to Mailchimp who provides us with our email marketing services. Mailchimp is a third party data processor (see our Third Party Data Processors section below). The email address you submit will not be stored in the database within the website or in any of our company’s internal IT systems. Your email address will remain in Mailchimp’s database as long as we continue to use its services for our email marketing or until you explicitly request to be removed from the list. You can do this by using the unsubscribe link contained in all email newsletters we send you. As long as your email address remains in the Mailchimp database, you will receive periodic (approximately once a month) informational emails from us.

The users of connectphone.gr have the right to delete or modify their personal data. For any issue regarding your personal data, you can contact us at sales@connectphone.gr or use the GDPR personal data menu found on the account page.

Return Policy

The order can be returned in the following two cases:
a) after receiving a product code different from that of the submitted order due to our error.

b) after receiving a defective or misprinted product
If any of the above occurs and you wish to return the product, this needs to be completed within 15 days of receipt, after we have been notified electronically (e-mail) (see Customer Service > Orders).

The receipt of the return will be accepted by our company, when in addition to the above, the following conditions also apply:

a) the product is returned in a secure package together with a copy of the payment document

b) with a private courier company or by registered mail, as in case of loss of the package the prescribed credit is not possible
Shipping costs are charged to the company, only when the customer chooses the same shipping company through which he received his order.

Return of non-defective products – Customer’s right of withdrawal without reason

The CUSTOMER has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within a period of 14 calendar days from the date of conclusion of the service contract (in the case of such a contract), or from the delivery (in the case of products) and in fact when there are many products in the same order from the delivery of the latter while when there is an obligation to deliver products at regular intervals from the delivery of the first.

In the event of withdrawal:

The costs of returning the products are borne entirely by the customer.

Products are only accepted for return if they are returned in perfect condition (new).

In addition, the withdrawal is made under the following conditions:

1) This withdrawal is without justification and without any charge and if the item has already been delivered, the customer must return the product exactly in the condition in which it was received, with all its accessories, the forms that accompany it and its packaging in perfect condition condition. The return of the item is accepted, only if the buyer has first paid any amount incurred by the company for sending the item to him and the shipping costs for the return of the item.

2) The declaration of withdrawal is made in writing or electronically and the COMPANY is obliged to send confirmation of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal as soon as it reaches it.

3) Following the declaration of withdrawal, the COMPANY is obliged to return the price collected within 14 days of receipt of the products.

4) Delivery shipping costs are not refunded if the customer had chosen a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery method offered by the COMPANY.

5) The refund to the customer will be made by the same means by which the initial collection was made. Specifically, in the case of debiting via credit card as follows: in the event that the price has been paid to the COMPANY by the Bank before the withdrawal and return of the item, the COMPANY will be obliged to inform the Bank of the cancellation of the transaction and the bank will proceed with each act provided for on the basis of the contract established with the customer. Following this information, the company does not bear any responsibility for the time and method of execution of the offsetting, which is regulated by the aforesaid contract. In the case of cash payment, if the customer had chosen the “pick up from the store” option, it will be done by returning his money to him from the store where he picked up the product. In case of payment by bank transfer, the refund will also be made by bank transfer to the same account of the customer.

6) The customer is responsible for indemnifying the company if he made use other than that which is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods in the period until the declaration of withdrawal. The ascertainment of the nature, characteristics and function of the goods should be done on the basis of the information provided on the outer packaging of each product, as well as the additional information provided by the company and in any case without opening the packaging of the products and putting in operation the good. The company is willing to inform the customer of any question regarding the nature and operation of the products by providing additional information material by electronic or other means. In case of opening the packaging or putting the products into operation, their value is automatically reduced as the product is classified as used and the customer must compensate the company for the reduction in the value of the product. The reduction in value from the opening of the packaging and subsequent from the characterization of the product as used is examined on a case-by-case basis and determined by the company and is usually in the order of 20%-30%. THE COMPANY is entitled to agree with the customer its compensation even and with mutual netting.

7) In case the withdrawal concerns the provision of services, the customer must pay an amount proportional to what was provided up to the declaration of withdrawal.

8) In the event that the products are returned damaged or incomplete, the Online Store has the right to request compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products and to proceed unilaterally and without recourse to a total or partial offset of the claim of it against the client.

Exceptions to Withdrawal

There is no withdrawal in:

1) service contracts after the full provision of the service, if performance has begun with the prior express consent of the customer and with the customer’s acknowledgment that it will lose the right of withdrawal once the contract has been fully performed by the supplier

2) products which are not suitable for return, for health protection or hygiene reasons, and which have been unsealed after delivery, such as personal care items (such as, but not limited to, epilators, shavers – clippers – clippers , brushes, toothbrushes and thermometers etc.).

3) contracts in which the consumer has specifically requested a visit from the supplier in order to carry out urgent repairs or to carry out maintenance work. If, in the case of such a visit, the supplier provides services in addition to those specifically requested by the consumer or goods beyond the spare parts that were mandatorily used during the performance of maintenance work or during repairs, the right of withdrawal applies to said additional services or goods.

4) sale of sealed audio recordings or sealed video recordings or sealed computer software, unsealed after delivery.

Right to amend/renew terms & conditions

connectphone.gr reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions. connectphone.gr undertakes the obligation to update this text and the corresponding help pages for any change or addition to the terms.

Applicable International and European law

The above terms and conditions of use as well as all transactions you carry out through www.connectphone.gr are governed and supplemented by International and European law, which regulates issues related to electronic commerce as well as by the Consumer Protection Law (N 2251/1994), which regulates issues related to distance sales.

Any provision of the above terms that becomes contrary to the Law, ceases to be valid and is removed from this, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms.

Thank you, connectphone.gr