El Salvador e-SIM

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Very easy to use

Set up your data plan by scanning a simple QR code. Activate the eSIM when you land and you’ll be connected instantly. All products come with thorough instructions.

Unlimited data plans

No more top-ups or worrying about running out of data. With a prepaid unlimited data in Greece, you can relax knowing we’ve got you covered.

Keep your ConnectPhone number

You can call and message all your contacts on WhatsApp, like you’re in the same country. Don’t lose touch with family and friends.

24/7 customer support

The eSIM is easy to use, but if you have questions or experience technical issues you can reach us by email or our 24 hour chat support. We’re here to help.

Immediate delivery

If you’re in a rush or you’re already traveling, don’t worry about waiting for delivery. We send the Greece eSIM immediately to your email, so you can connect in seconds.

Keep your original SIM for calls

The eSIM is digital, so your original SIM will work as usual if you need it.